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Join Sue and Trish for four weeks to learn about how to approach this sensitive topic with your clients.  In week one, we will explore the issues that surround behavioral euthanasia, what may be going on for your clients and how you can approach this for yourself.  In week two, we explore that alternatives to behavioral euthanasia so that you can help your clients to make the right choice for their dog.  In week three, we work through the process of discussing behavioral euthanasia with your clients including the words to use, and those to avoid.  In our final week, we go through the days before, the day of and the days following a behavioral euthanasia.  

Weekly classes are held three times each week; on Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time, and on Wednesdays at 10am Eastern Daylight Savings Time!  We will play a recording of each class, and Trish and Sue will chat with you in the comment section of the Zoom meeting!

Continuing Education Credits Pending.

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